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Unraveling the Rubik's Cube of Home Design: Leveling up Early with an Interior Designer

May 14, 2024
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Dare to create your dream home? It's like a massive, hyper-detailed round of a reality home improvement show meets a fast-paced Rubik's cube puzzle - glamorous, thrilling, and a glorious pandemonium of “Whose idea was this anyway?”

Bridgehampton at sunset

Welcome to the Maze!

Establishing your luxury home isn't just a project; it's an intriguing maze with twists and turns at every corner. One second, you're deciding how many bedrooms you want, and the next moment, you are thrust into a quagmire of questions that had never crossed your mind. Was I supposed to know how many types of door handles exist in the world? 

And let's spare a moment for those wee hour Google searches and trawling Pinterest boards - "Is there a tasteful way to mix Scandinavian chic with Grandmillennial style in a bathroom?" followed by an existential question: "Maybe I should just live in a van?"

 Brooke Taylor Designs: Your Sherpa in the Perilous Maze

Caught in the labyrinthine world of design decisions? We, at Brooke Taylor Designs, are your trusty guide. Covering the elegance of the Hamptons through to the eclectic Jersey and New York vibes, to the tropical freshness of Florida, we offer a compass in this world of wonders.

Why hire a designer in the early phase? Well, imagine finding a direct flight in this ever-changing forest maze of choices. A designer is your VIP fast pass through chaotic queues and unexpected detours. 

With Brooke Taylor Designs, you get to vacation in the oasis while we tackle the sandbox of complexity. With the expertise we bring, we jump over the traps, weave through scattered decisions, escape Google search spirals, and bring you out at the other end, triumphant and in one piece! 

 Let's Get You to the Other Side!

With Brooke Taylor Designs at the helm, this daunting maze of home design decisions feels more like a walk in a luxury park. From lighting fixtures to lounge accents, drapes to door knockers, we're here to ensure you can enjoy a refreshing picnic whilst we connect the dots! 

 Let the Journey Begin!

At Brooke Taylor Designs, we believe unraveling the home design Rubik's cube should be half the fun. Your journey to a dream home should be an enjoyable adventure, not a gauntlet run. So why not kick back, let us handle the legwork, and enjoy the ride! 

Building a home truly involves a myriad of design choices that need to be made. Below, we'll delve deeper into even the minute elements, which add up considerably:

1. Foundational Design Choices:

     - Architectural style

     - Type and size of home

     - Number of rooms 

     - Type of rooms (e.g., media room, office, guest suite)

2. Exterior Design Choices:

     - Material for exterior walls (brick, stucco, siding, etc.)

     - Roofing materials and color

     - Type, style, and color of windows and doors

     - Deck or patio design and material

     - Landscape design including the selection and placement of trees, shrubs, flower beds, lawn, and water features

     - Driveway and walkway materials

3.Interior Design Choices:

     - Wall colors and finishes for each room

     - Types of molding (crown, base, casing) and their size, material, and color 

     - Flooring choices for each room (hardwood, tile, carpet, etc.) and their colors, patterns

     - Ceiling designs, heights, and finishes

4. Room-Specific Design Choices:

     - Kitchen: cabinetry style, color, hardware, countertops material, backsplash design, selection of appliances, sink, and faucet

     - Bathroom: tile selection for floors and walls, vanity style, sink, and faucet design, bathtub and/or shower design, mirrors, lighting

     - Bedroom: wall colors, flooring, window treatments, lighting

     - Living Room: fireplace design, lighting plan

5. Detailed Design Choices:

     - Door choices: interior and exterior styles, material, color, and knob selection

     - Hardware for cabinets and doors: knobs, pulls, handles, and their finish

     - Selection and design of light fixtures for each room

     - Plumbing fixtures: sinks, faucets, showerheads


6. Home Technology Integration:

     - Security system

     - Entertainment technology 

     - Smart home features

Remember, these are just fundamental choices, and each of these categories can be broken down into numerous sub-categories. For example, flooring choices include not only material and color, but also width and length of planks (or size of tiles), the direction they're laid, transitions between rooms, and so on. Working with a seasoned interior designer will help guide you through these choices, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable design process.